About Us

What is wevillage?

Wevillage is a licensed drop-in childcare facility.

We offer anytime drop-in childcare, afterschool care, preschool too and holiday camps!

WeVillage is playcare at its best.  It’s a unique play space where kids get to explore, interact and have fun while parents get that much needed time without the kids.  Whether it’s for two hours or all day, you can count on WeVillage with our flexible hours for all of your childcare needs.  Our safe, clean, modern and captivating play space is designed to stimulate growing minds and nurture growing bodies.  We promise that you will pick up happy kids!

About Karen

Portland Monthly Karen

What do you do when you are a busy, entrepreneurial, worldly, single parent, working full-time in the demanding world of production with no family support around you – You come up with one great idea for child care – wevillage.

Karen Beninati did just that, she saw a huge gap in child care and literally jumped on the opportunity.  Karen says, “When my son Luca was young I could not find one single place that I felt comfortable about leaving him”.  It’s with these thoughts in mind and Karen’s love of all things beautiful that she came up with the idea of wevillage and playcare.  She says “I wanted to provide an environment where parents wanted to leave their kids and kids wanted to go”.  WeVillage in the Pearl has certainly achieved this for Karen and she has now opened her second location at Orenco Station in Hillsboro.

While most of the time Karen is busy with all the behind-the scenes operations, she can also be spotted welcoming parents and kids in her own personal quirky, fun and vibrant manner. Her skills from being a producer, multitasking and literally pulling everything together hold her in good stead for keeping wevillage staff and kids all in sync.  While Karen probably wakes up some days wondering how she ended up owning a very successful kids playcare center, you can see the love she has for the kids as her face lights up when they arrive at wevillage.

WeVillage Staff

WeVillage staff are teachers who have degrees in early childhood education. They are creative, energetic and attentive people who love your kids. They go out of there way to ensure your child is loved, well cared for and HAPPY!

  • Certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Screened and enrolled in the Oregon Criminal Background Registry 
  • Required to attend ongoing staff development and skill-building workshops

Employment Opportunities

We are Hiring! Looking for full or part-time work? Join our team of Trained Professionals. Email your resume and contact information to karen@wevillage.com.