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Hello I'm Esther Lavi

Need help with your little-one's sleep? Are the sleepless nights with your baby or toddler getting in the way of you being the best parent and human you can be?? Get your life back with our gentle and developmentally appropriate Sleep Coaching. 


We use multi-faceted techniques to bring structure to your little-one's sleeping routine and to gently teach them how to sleep independently so that everyone in your home is happy between 7PM-7AM , whether happy and asleep, or happy and awake!


Let's get you started on your sleep journey! (click tab below)

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My Story

Esther Lavi is an occupational therapist, certified infant sleep specialist and CEO/Founder of Big DreamBaby™ , an La based infant sleep coaching company.

She is a proud toddler mamma, and has been a practicing occupational therapist in Los Angeles for over 12 years, having received her Master’s degree from Boston University.

Her experience working with infants and adults in both the home and clinical setting coupled with the birth of her daughter, ignited her passion to serve families with new babies on their journey towards finding life’s balance and joy.

In January 2019, Esther took her Doula training (DONA) in order to deepen her ability to empower parents with practical tools during the perinatal period, and received her ICT infant sleep specialist certification in 2020.

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