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Flexible Childcare: We make childcare easy!

Not everyone needs full-time, five day a week, childcare. Maybe not even part-time childcare. WeVillage Flexible childcare in Sherman Oaks gives you the ability to have care on your schedule! We know, sounds too good to be true...but that's exactly what we provide, beautiful, clean, safe, and educational childcare on YOUR schedule. And major plus is we take kids starting at just 6 weeks old! 

What does that mean for you? So glad you asked! It means that once you are a WeVillage member you can easily make a reservation through our online system, call, or drop by, and make an appointment for care as soon as the same day. Your appointment can be for two hours or more, maybe even a full day (think no school days, summer care, etc).

Simply put, we are here for you when you need us. WeVillage offers the best in flexible hourly care. We have a daily curriculum, a fun and engaging schedule, and very professional, highly trained caregivers. Here are some quick links that you might find helpful, if you are on a mobile device please scroll to see rates and services:

Our next Open House will be Saturday, June 24th!

Summer Camp

What To Expect Your First Visit

Bringing in your child for their first day of care can be scary for both parent and child. WeVillage aims to ease that transition.

From the moment you walk in the door you will be greeted with smiling faces from our loving care givers. Staff will be ready to help you through your first flexible drop off, enrollment forms, immunization records, and anything else you'll need to ensure that you and your child have a successful first day. You might want to read our FAQ page for more tips to make your first day a success!

First Visit FAQ's

Making a Reservation

We use MINDBODY as our scheduling tool, so you’ll first need to create a MINDBODY account. After you’ve created your account scheduling your childcare is easy! To reserve for WeVillage Los Agneles you must be a WeVillage member. If you're interested in just checking us out for the first time, you may pay us a visit. Fees apply.


WeVillage is a membership-based center, structured specifically to maximize the benefits of our rates. You’ll also get priority reservations and a few other fun perks, including an annual birthday surprise, a tote bag with WeShare coupons and a WeVillage T-shirt. A WeVillage membership is necessary in order to make a reservation at our Los Angeles location.

Flexible Childcare membership
Flexible Childcare membership


WeVillage gives parents the freedom to have last minute appointments with out the stress of childcare arrangements. We are here to help in what ever way we can. Becoming a member helps speed that process up so you can be on your way faster!

Best in Childcare

Good just got better. WeVillage Los Angeles is our newest and most beautiful center yet! Built around the need of your child's physical and emotional growth, this location is one they'll beg to come to.

We are the experts are flexible childcare and have won multiple awards for being the best at what we do!

WeVillage Flexible ChildcareWeVillage Flexible Childcare


What kind of care are you looking for at WeVillage?

• Part-time?
• Flexible hourly care?
• A little of both?

No matter the type of childcare you need, enrollment is easy. Simply print out this form and bring it in completed with a copy of your current immunization records to your first visit. We'd love to talk to you about all the available options. You can use WeVillage Los Angeles the first time with no membership! Come try us out.

Flexible & Fun!

Do you need last minute care or an evening out? WeVillage Flexible Childcare Centers are the pros at providing "when you need it care." 

• Date night? Check!
• Doctors appointment? Yep!
• Last minute meeting? Here!

Give us a call, or reserve online. We'd love to help give you the support you need. We got you!

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Infant Rates (ages 6wks-23m): 
$22 hourly
4 hours $80
8 hours $150

Toddler Rates (ages 24m-35m):
$18 hourly
4 hours $70
8 hours $135
25 hours $1650

Pre-K Rates (ages 3-5yrs):
$16 hourly
4 hours $60
8 hours $110
25 hours $1400

Big Kid Rates (ages 6yrs-12yrs): 
$14 hourly
4 hours $50
8 hours $65
25 hours $750

Preschool: M-F 9am-1pm
2 day preschool | $520
3 day preschool | $730
4 day preschool | $940
5 day preschool | $1220

After School Care: 
M-F 2:30-6pm | $750 mo

Additional Charges:
Material Fees (required for monthly packages) | $100
Non-Member Visitor Fee | $20 per visit
Catered Meals | $8 each

Additional Fees and Information:

• 2-hour minimum for children ages
14 years to 18 months
• 3-hour minimum for infants ages
17 months to 6 weeks

Preschool: M-F 9am-1pm
2 day preschool | $520
3 day preschool | $730
4 day preschool | $940
5 day preschool | $1220

Material Fees: all monthly packages | $100
Non-Member Visitor Fee | $20 per visit
Catered Meals | $8 each

WeDollars are prepaid funds, held in your account, to use towards goods and services. You can use your WeDollars to purchase everything except for monthly packages and part-time rates! Must be a member to purchase.

Platinum Buy-in | $1000 receive $1100
Gold Buy-in | $700 receive $750
Silver Buy-in | $500 receive $525

Flexible Childcare membership, Los Angeles
    M-Th 8:00am - 7:00pm
    Fri 8:00am - 10:00pm
    Sat 10:00am - 10:00pm

    M-Th 7:30am - 8:30pm
    Fri 7:30am - 10:00pm
    Sat 10:00am -10:00pm

    M-F 6:30am - 8:00pm
    Sat & Sun Closed
    (Except for the 3rd Saturday
    6pm-9pm for a special party.)

    M-Th 7:30am - 8:00pm
    Fri 7:30am - 8:00pm
    Sat 8:30am - 4:00pm

    M-Th 7:30am - 8:00pm
    Fri 7:30am - 10:00pm
    Sat 9:30am - 10:00pm

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