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New Safety Standards
& Policies Announcement

Welcome back! We are so excited to share with you that our Sherman Oaks and The Pearl, Portland locations are now open and enrolling. In light of the global circumstances, we are incredibly optimistic and will continue to provide the best environment for your kids to grow and thrive. To book LA now, click here.

These guidelines are new to us, and we acknowledge the situation changes every day, and we will update our protocols accordingly. Our top priority is to provide the best and safest environment for your kids.

FOR PORTLAND ONLY: The Oregon Childcare Division has specific requirements regarding childcare. As of today, we are not allowed to offer care to children unless they are in a stable group. This poses a challenge to our model, offering both full and flexible childcare. We will be operating as a full-time childcare center with limited capacity. We are preparing for what this new normal will look like and as always we appreciate feedback from you - our loyal clients and supporters. We will update you as we learn more.

With this in mind, please see below for all the protective and safety measures that will be implemented.

Child Drop Off Outside

Our centers will be a parent-free zone for the time being. Check-in and pickup will be outside the center for COVID-19 prevention, and we remind parents to remain six-feet apart when dropping off and picking up.

Wellness Temperature Check for All Staff and Kids

Before entering the center, a temperature check is mandatory for all WeVillage staff and children. Temperature checks will be taken by WeVillage staff members who previously passed the temperature check. Based on the CDC guidelines, any child or staff member with a temperature higher than 100.4 F (38.0 C) will be turned away for 14 days. Reevaluation can be completed after the 14 days. For more information on our sick policy, see the attachment waiver.

Sanitation Station Outside Before Entering

Hand sanitizer will be available outside before entering the facility.

Extra Change of Clothes Required for All Children 
Multiple changes of clothes for ages 6-weeks to 3 years are required throughout the day to prevent germs. As always, WeVillage staff members will be helping all clothing changes.

Hand Washing Upon Entry & More

Hand washing for 20-seconds with warm water is required upon entering the studio, before and after meals, after potty, and two extra times throughout the day.

Items Brought Into the Facility

Any item brought into the facility will need to be labeled and in a plastic bag. No backpacks, baby bags, or purses will be allowed into the center for any reason. All items must be labeled or will be discarded, only bring what you need. We suggest purchasing meals from us to avoid any lost items.


Masks Will Be Worn by Staff & Kids Over Age of 2

Staff is required to wear masks or face shields and kids over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask. Gloves will also be worn by all employees.

WeVillage Remains A Shoe Free Zone 
Like always, shoes will be removed and left near the entrance of the facility.

Utensils & Food 

We will use disposable cups, plates, and forks when eating. Infant bottles will need to be brought in cooler bags. We will not refrigerate anything for the time being and all food will need to be self-contained. Storing strollers or car seats are prohibited in our centers until further notice.

Grouping & Practicing Social Distancing

Learning stations will be separated to the best of our ability. We will do our best to ensure personal space and encourage social distancing while maintaining a safe and loving environment. Stable groups of children will be assigned and established and children will not cross over into other groups. WeVillage teachers will remain the same teacher for the specific child group. WeVillage will not exceed 10 kids at any time. FOR LOS ANGELES ONLY: Please see the State of California’s Department of Social Services Guidelines for more information.

Payment Policy

Monthly tuition is non-refundable or credited if the child is or becomes sick. If a child contracts COVID-19 and has been to our center, the center will close down for 3 days to properly sanitize and contact parents. All returning kids and staff will need to have the documentation proving they are negative before returning.

Practicing Responsibility & Understanding the Risks

We encourage all parents to carefully review and personally apply the CDC best practices from the CDC website. By choosing to utilize WeVillage’s services, you acknowledge and accept the risks associated with the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

As stated, we are constantly monitoring and checking the government health organization protocols, and our new standards will be updated if necessary. We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support and commitment to WeVillage during this trying time period!

Have questions? Reach out to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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