Childcare Reinvented

As anyone with children knows, getting childcare can be a challenge. WeVillage Childcare Center in Sherman Oaks aims to change that.

With a flexible drop-off program and extended hours, the center caters to the needs of busy parents. Spur-of-the-moment appointment? No problem—the center is fully staffed with certified caregivers and teachers and ready to accept your kid. Last-minute Saturday night sitter cancellation? WeVillage to the rescue. Gotta work late? Not an issue—the center is open.

WeVillage’s nontraditional approach extends to the space. The well-crafted, 3,000-square-foot structure is state-of-the-art, with designated play areas for each age. There are toddler, transition, preschool and after-school programs. Enrichment classes, weekend care and camps are also offered.

And even the smallest of tots are welcome. The center accepts infants as young as 6 weeks old.

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