Rebecca Romijn on How WeVillage Gives Parents a Flexible Childcare Option

A new daycare center in LA is offering parents a flexible childcare option and to that I say, HALLELUJAH!

"As an actor I often get last-minute auditions that only require an hour or two of my time. Hiring a nanny for that amount of time several days a week can get very expensive so I need a better option. And the entertainment business can often thrust parents into last-minute situations like meetings, auditions or freelance work for a day or two. So having a flexible option for childcare is essential for survival in LA.

I was invited to the grand opening of WeVillage to take a look around and I can tell you it was impressive. It doesn’t look like a typical daycare that can sometimes feel crowded or messy. This space feels open, and clean and very inviting."

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