Oregon Summer Camp 2019

Check Back Later for Summer 2020!

Cost & Registration

$250 per week
$85 per day
Lunch is $6:00 or $25.00 per week!

Camps are for children ages 4-12 yrs and will be held at WeVillage: NE Portland & WeVillage NW Portland.

Hours & Lunch Options

June 17th - August 2

Camp runs from 8am to 4pm, Monday-Friday except for the 4th of July.
All camps include snacks, supplies, extra activities- Field trips are extra and upon authorization and approval!

Before & Aftercare

Before Camp is available from 7:30-8:00am.

After Camp is available at WeVillage's regular hourly rate from 4pm to close.

Register for Camp!

Portland Schedule

    • June 17-21

    • June 24 - June 28
      Art Stars

    • July 1-5- NO camp July 4th
      The WeVillage 2019 Games

    • July 8 - July 12
      Wacky Science

    • July 15 - 19

    • July 22 - 26
      Animal Safari

        • June 11 - 22
          Outdoor Safety
        • June 25 - July 6*
          The WeVillage 2018 Games
          *No camp on the 4th of July.
        • July 9 - 20
          Wacky Science
        • July 23 - August 3
          Animal Safari
        • August 6 - 17
          Space & Dinosaurs
        • August 20 - 31
          Portland Adventure


          • July 29-August 2
            Water Works

          • June 18 - 29
            Outdoor Safety, Summertime Fun and Kindness

            June 22 - Special Guests the Hillsboro Fire Department!
          • June 2 - July 13*
            Sports, Teams, and Games
            *No camp on the 4th of July.
          • July 16 - 27
            Beach, Camping, and Fishing
          • July 30 - August 3
            Portland & Pacific Northwest Adventure
          • August 6 - 17
            Art Stars
          • August 20 - 31
            Back to School & Fall Fun

          Week 1 - Art Stars
          Learn multiple painting and printmaking processes while exploring new ways to create.

          Week 2 - Around the World in 5 Delicious Days
          Who’s hungry? Learn about cuisine from different cultures and eat what you make!

          Week 4 - LEGO Mania
          Construct and engineer with LEGO. Share your amazing projects during the science fair on Friday!

          Week 5 - Move It!
          Use music and movement to express your inner creativity. Enjoy the freedom dance can provide by increasing body control to move in different ways!

          Week 6 - Robot Parade
          Design a miniature, movable robot and an original robot costume. Share your creativity with others during an inside and outdoor parade.

          Week 7 - Icky Sticky Science
          Mix up some weird and wonderful concoctions using safe, every day materials. Edible play dough? Elephant toothpaste? GLOP? GOO?

          Week 8 - Build It!
          Spend time designing and constructing buildings of the future. Learn about simple machines and collaborate on a large team building project.

          Week 9 - Let’s Talk to the Animals
          Chirp like a bird and jump like a frog while exploring the animal kingdom! Learn where they live, what they eat and do, and why they need our help.

          Week 10 - The Artist Studio
          Learn sculpting techniques, create multi-media projects and refine your drawing skills. You’ll enjoy a trip to the Portland Art Museum and leave feeling inspired.

          Summer preschool follows the same themes as the big kid summer camps, they are just modified with age appropriate activities! Your kids will have so much fun with our awesome structured preschool program during the summer! M-F 9am-1pm before and aftercare available!  For more information, please email: info@wevillage.com

          Register Now!

          One day or the entire summer!
          You're welcome to come for the entire summer, one week, or just one day. Rates start at your center's day rates, but is also sold by the week. 

          Special outings are at an additional charge, this way you can choose if you'd like your child to either stay in the center or go on the field trip.

          LOS ANGELES
          M - F 7:30am -7:00pm
          Sat 11:00am - 6:00pm
          Sundays are open for birthday party reservations.

          NE PORTLAND
          M - F 7:30am - 8:00pm
          Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm
          Sundays Closed

          • LOS ANGELES
            M - F 7:30am -7:00pm
            Sat 11:00am - 5:00pm
            Sundays are open for birthday party reservations.

          • ORENCO
            M - F 6:30am - 6:00pm
            Sat & Sun Closed
            (Except for events)

          • NW Portland
            M - F 7:30am - 6:30pm
            Saturdays- 10am-6pm
            Sundays Closed

          • NE PORTLAND
            M - F 7:30am - 6:30pm
            Saturdays- Closed
            Sundays Closed

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