WeVillage's Supplemental Education Program For K-5th Graders

Welcome to WeLearn+

As a childcare facility and an essential business to many families and parents in Los Angeles and Portland, WeVillage is remaining open and safer than ever during this challenging time. As always, our top priority is to continue to provide the best and safest environment for your kids.


WeVillage’s WeLearn+ 2020 program was a major success for parents needing relief during this challenging year! We are excited to announce a 2021 program that provides K-5th grade teachers and tutors for kids independent from school, many of which remain closed or partially open.


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The Benefits of WeLearn+

Liz Dwyer, LAUSD parent, said on NPR recently that her son "is really struggling from his online digital classes. He is completely mentally out of it. Unfortunately, I think online classes are challenging for even the best students to stay engaged with."

WeLearn+ is the solution for K-5th grade educational advancement during this time.

Homework & Teaching

WeVillage will have onsite K-5th grade tutors, teachers, and staff to help monitor children's productivity and make sure homework is completed in a timely manner! 

Away from Home

WeVillage has created a space that inspires creativity and collaboration between kids.  We're offering a place away from Netflix, Snapchat, and Instagram - hello to art and Spanish!

Focus Time

During digital classes, students will be connected to our internet and at individual student pods to focus and thrive during their classes. 

Needed Structure

We'll kick off every morning with a full team activity, have arts and craft sessions, cooking, Yoga, history, Spanish, and more! We are here to motivate and make a difference.


WeLearn+ Curriculum


This course will either serve as a boost and practice as to what the student is learning in their daily school class or it can serve as a preparation for what is to come ahead. This all depends on which level the student is admitted into for the Phonics/Spelling/Reading Course. This class has been made to make each student stronger and better prepared for the present school year in phonics, spelling, and reading.


This Math Concepts Course will go over the appropriate skills that the student should be at for their age. This course will serve each student as a boost and extra practice in what they are learning in their daily school classes, or it can be prepared as to what is to come. This all depends on the level the student is admitted into for the Math Concepts Course. This class has been made to make each student stronger and better prepared for the present school year in the subject of Math.


Children of all ages will enjoy our curriculum of creative activities! We'll paint, cook in our WeVillage kitchen, and learn how to breathe and stretch through Yoga. 

Spanish (LA Specific)

This Spanish course will teach students new Spanish vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, and speaking skills. Over the course, students will be able to write stories and create projects using the Spanish language. Students will gain confidence to speak the Spanish language in front of the class. The students will be exposed to the Spanish language throughout the entire course of the class. They will be participating in different exercises to soon become fluent in the Spanish language.


We are constantly adjusting our curriculum based on your kids' needs! 


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WeLearn+ FAQs

How many kids are in each group?

WeLearn+ has a limit of 12 kids per group.

WIll my child's assignments be completed at WeLearn+?

Yes we will responsible for making sure that all assignments are completed and uploaded. If something arises and your child needs more assistance, we will let you know.

Will my child get outside time?

Yes! Not only is our backyard area open, play outside is a priority everyday.

What will the schedule look like?

We are continuing to learn from LAUSD, PPS and private schools. When we have more details, you will be the first to know.

What happens if someone in the program contracts COVID-19?

If this occurs, we will follow government health protocols. The individual will be removed from WeLearn+ and the center will be shut down for 72 hours for the facility to be deep cleaned. The individual will not be able to return for 14 days. Other students will be required to show a valid negative test.

Will my child interact with other students?

Yes, your group will interact for group activities.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

Yes, children age 2 and above are required to wear a mask while in care!


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