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WEParent + Me

(6 mo - 26 mo)

Only Available at our LA location!

You are now a parent.. Hooray! You ask,” how do I get started on this crazy journey of building community?” We have got you! We are your village!

We highly recommend enrolling in this program if you and your child are currently struggling separation anxiety.

Our Parent and Me are classes designed on getting YOU and your child comfortable coming to our center? We are your Village! Parents and children enjoy Parent & Me classes together. Children will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities, including socialization and experiences in art, music, body movement, manipulatives, and much more. Parents will have opportunities to share the exciting, and sometimes frustrating, experiences of parenting. Parent & Me meets one day each week. Classes are grouped according to age.

Schedule of Parent & Me Classes

Winter Semester: Beginning December - end of Feb 

Spring Term:  Beginning March- end of May

Summer Term: Beginning June— end of August

Ages are determined as of September 1st, each year:

6 months-12 months - Monday 9:00-10:15am

12 months-23 months 26 months -Tuesday 9:00-10:15am

Current Tuition: $45.00 per day. Classes run for 12 weeks depending on the holiday schedule.

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