Flexible Childcare. It’s That Simple.


WeVillage: The Pearl
1024 NW Glisan Street 
Portland, OR 97209–2904
tel: 503.935-5590

WeVillage: Orenco Station
1295 NE Orenco Station Parkway 
Hillsboro, OR 97124
tel: 503-640-7529

WeVillage: Happy Valley
16126 SE Happy Valley Town Center Drive 
Happy Valley, OR 97086
tel: 503.826.5172


So much fun. They'll beg to come back!

An environment that nurtures play, creativity, and motion.

WeVillage Child Care

Not just childcare, playcare!

When you drop your child off at one of our three locations they will be surrounded buy fun and active things to do. From our play structures to our activity tables our facilities are designed to keep them busy. 

Caring and certified staff.

All WeVillage team members are required to take CPR and first aide classes, as well as be registered with the state and have a current background check. 

Besides having certifications our staff is caring, engaged, and love taking care of kids. 

Voted best drop-in childcare!

WeVillage won the “Best Drop in Child care in Portland” award in the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome awards for 2013. 

Full-time or part-time child care.

Besides offering drop-in childcare in our Portland, Hillsboro and Happy Valley locations, we also offer full and part-time child care. 

Full time childcare

Full Time Childcare

Our full-time child care is ideal for working parents. Our drop off hours will start at 7am (7:30am in the Pearl and Happy Valley), making it easy for you to get to work on time.  

We also offer 6pm pick up which is far later than the conventional child care facility. Think of all the after work errands you could do without having to rush.

Full time childcare is Monday thru Friday from 7 (or 7:30am) to 6pm. 

part time child care

Part Time Childcare

Our part-time child care is great for families that have a mixed schedule and aren't needing full-time care. Like our full time childcare drop off hours will start at 7am (7:30am in the Pearl and Happy Valley). 

Part-time care is also a great option to when you are looking for preschool.

Part time childcare is three day a week, you choose the days from 7 (or 7:30am) to 6pm.

flexible childcare

WeDollar Packages

If you know that you need childcare but just don't know the exact days and times we also offer child care buy-in packages.

These packages allow you to buy your WeDollars in bulk but also give you the freedom to use your package to purchase our retail goods and other services. Best part of this is that each level comes with a WeDollar bonus!

Here’s some of our programs that we think you’ll love.

Wevillage offers many different programs to help with your childcare needs. We've got you covered!

Drop-in Childcare

How does it work? Well, it’s as simple as dropping in, filling out a short enrollment form and you’re on your way! That is it! We take care of the rest! Drop-in childcare is our specialty.

We offer drop-in hourly childcare, with beautiful, modern facilities right smack in Portland’s Pearl District, at Orenco Station in Hillsboro (right on BLUE Max line) and now in Happy Valley in the Happy Valley Town Center!

Full and Part-time Care

Drop-in childcare can be so convenient, but if you’re looking for more regular childcare wevillage offers full and part-time daycare to accommodate your schedule.

We open early and stay open late, and we are open on the weekends because we realize that not everyone needs child care from just 9 to 5 Mon-Fri.   

Full-Time Preschool & Drop-in

Wevillage offers 2 and 3 day a week preschool in our Orenco Station and Happy Valley locations. Our curriculum is engaging and fun, focusing on kindergarten readiness. 

We also offer drop-in preschool in Portland in our Pearl location! If you want to give your child the preschool experience without a full time commitment, wevillage has the answer for you. 

Afterschool Care

WeVillage is the place for Back To School! We’ll watch the kids from 2:30 – 6pm every school day.

A healthy, organic snack and activity time is included. And 3:30pm to 4:30pm every school day it’s homework club: a WeVillage tutor will make sure every bit of homework is done.

Since wevillage is open until late on weekdays you always have the option of a later pick-up 

School Break Camps

School break is so much fun for the kids. But what do you do as a working parent?  WeVillage offers summer camps, winter break camps, and spring break camps. We are also almost always open on the other observance days.  

Infant and Toddler Care

This might be your first time leaving your new baby with someone other than family.  We understand how you feel and we aim to make your transition as easy as possible.  Wevillage drop-in infant and toddler care is available when you need us. 

We take pride in keeping your baby’s routine consistent and with providing a safe, caring and calm environment for them.  

Our separate area for Infants is staffed with highly trained professionals who will take the best care of your child.

We require a reservation for children under 1yr of age. However, if you have a last minute appointment and need care please give us a call we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Birthday Parties

WeVillage is a great place to hold a birthday party! Our facilities are available every sunday (except on Holidays) for your little ones big day.  All you have to do is tell us when you’re coming and how many kids to expect and we will do the rest!

We now offer full party services including custom themes, catering, favors and more! Be creative; what kind of theme is your child begging for?

• Superhero Birthday Party Theme
• Frozen Birthday Party Theme
• Rainbow Birthday Party Theme
• Circus Birthday Party Theme
• Princess and Pirates Birthday Party Theme

See examples of our current themes on our party page.

Getting kid free time has never been easier!

You don't alway have to have an appointment to need kid-free time. Here are some ways parents can use our childcare facility:

Baby Socializing & Exploration

Stay at home moms may not always have an outlet for their children’s socializing needs. At wevillage children of all ages can make friends, learn to share, and start to gain independence. 

Company or Holiday Parties

Holiday work parties are usually catered to the adult family members. WeVillage not only offers our drop-in care to fill your childcare needs but also offers our WeGo services for onsite childcare. 

Date Night or Girls Night Out

We've all been there. Sometimes you just need adult time. All three of our child care locations offer late night childcare during the week and on the weekends. 

We offer many fun themed date night specials for your kids too. This way they feel like they are getting a special treat, and you can go out guilt free!

Work Childcare

Are you an entrepreneur and only have the occasional meeting out of your home? Wevillage offers the perfect solution for you! 

A great way to cover your sporadic child care needs is to take advantage of our bulk child care packages. This way you just drop-in, drop-off, and never have to hassle with the payment.