Frequently Asked

My kid has never been to daycare before and I’m not sure what to expect!

We created WeVillage to provide an amazing environment with open, social-based care. We’re here for busy parents who don’t have or need Full-Time care. If you have a question you don’t see answered below, please don’t hesitate to call or email info@wevillage.com!

What do they do all day?

WeVillage’s certified teachers design a specific curriculum, so kids get structure and socialization! Our teachers are loving, attentive, smart, and cater to the group!

Flex-care or full-time?

Our locations have both different hours and different services, but all have flex care for the ease of parents! All WeVillage locations do not currently offer traditional Full-Time care. WeVillage Los Angeles' part-time is 20 hours a week. WeVillage Oregon locations have traditional Full-Time and Flex-Care services available. We do not accept infants after 6 pm at our Oregon locations.

What is your teacher to child ratio?

Oregon: Infants 6 weeks to 12 months – 1:4

Toddler 12 months to 24 months – 1:4

Toddler 2 years to 3 years – 1:5

Children 3 years and over – 1:10
California: Infants under 12 months - 1:4

Do I need immunization records?

For Oregon, you do not need to bring them in for Drop-in, but do require them for Full-time. But it's great if you can bring them in for us. We do require vaccinations. For LA, both immunization records and vaccinations are required whether or not you are using Drop-in or Full-Time. WeVillage's immunization rates are here and you can find the Multnomah County Immunization Rates here, Clackamas County here, and Washington County here.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a change of clothes. Don’t forget socks and if you can, please label everything! Please bring only what can fit in a small bag. Also, WeVillage is a shoe-free facility. Blankets and other items are not allowed in cribs, so only bring a blanket for children who will not be in a crib. If your child is still in diapers, bring diapers and wipes along with anything else that your baby might need. Extra formula or breast milk is always encouraged.

What about food?

We provide complimentary snacks of juice, milk, and crackers at around 9 am and 3 pm. You can purchase lunch or dinner and extra snacks! Vegetarian options are also available.  If your child has a food allergy, please let us know. WeVillage is a nut-free facility.

Why do I need to bring socks?

Socks are required, for sanitary reasons, we do not allow staff or children to go barefooted.  At WeVillage, we pride ourselves on providing a clean, sanitary environment. Shoes can be dirty and are taken off at the door to keep our floors from getting soiled.  If you forget socks we can provide them for $3 a pair.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It is always a good idea to make your reservation as soon as you know you need the care. Children under the age of 2 require a 24-hour notice for a reservation to ensure proper staffing.  If you’re worried and want to make sure you’re covered, we recommend making a reservation online. You can also give us a call. Saturday night and Public School closure days we are very busy. We do not accept reservations for infants past 6 pm at our Oregon locations.

What is your TV/video game policy?

We are a TV off environment during our days. We do occasionally allow an age-appropriate movie at our special parties or during our late-night care. Also available are non-violent, active Wii and iPad games, but these are rarely played as we wish to promote other forms of play.

Do you offer sibling rates?

We offer amazing sibling rates! Please see our pricing pages for more information.

Do you go outside at all?

In Oregon, if the weather permits we go on walks! If you don’t want your child to participate just let us know and a staff member will stay back with them. Los Angeles has an outdoor backyard.

Are you open on Public School closure days?

Yes, when big kids are out of school activities will be mixed to accommodate all ages. These days are especially busy. We recommend that you book a spot.

When are you closed?

We are closed on New Years Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas. At times we will change hours or close centers due to inclement weather for the safety of families and our staff. While our schedule varies, we are open most weekdays but will update our Calendar, notify parents via our newsletter, the website home page, and in the centers, if there are any changes to our schedule.

Who can pick my child up?

No one can pick up your child unless prior consent has been given and the person picking up shows a valid photo ID. Emergency contacts can be added upon enrollment or at any visit.

Do you take sick kids?

We are a healthy childcare facility and at no time do we provide care for sick children. See further details in our Rules and Policies in regards to this.

What about kids' allergies?

We are a nut-free facility!  We do not allow nuts under any circumstances. We ask that you refrain from packing food containing nuts for your children out of consideration of others. It is your responsibility to inform us of any allergies that your child suffers from. Please do so every time you visit to ensure their safety.

And lastly...

WeVillage has the right to refuse service or determine a child is not a good fit for the environment for any reason the director or owner determines. Childcare is not for everyone, some children do better in a one on one environment. We do our absolute very best to accommodate every child's needs.